ROUND TWO: The Dragons (1-0) vs The Goddesses (0-1)

ROUND TWO: The Dragons (1 0) vs The Goddesses (0 1)   wrestling brutal Welcome to Tag Team Tuesdays. This is round 2 of 4 of the live May match up between The Dragons and The Goddesses.

Going into this round the Dragons are sitting on a 125pt lead. They dominated the Goddesses at almost every turn in round one, and it looks as if this could be the biggest blow out in Tag Team History. Looks that way. Looks can be deceiving, and the Goddess do not have it in their nature to give up. During the break Isis and Tia dug deep, talked it out and came on to the mat ready to show the Dragons they are not going to roll over. After 12 minutes of brutal, intense wrestling, The Goddesses have cut the lead to just 31pts! The Goddesses go into the locker room with the momentum, the support of the crowd, and the confidence to win. The Dragons need to regroup and recover if they are going to hang on to this match.

Ultimate Surrender
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