ROUND TWO: The Pirates(0-3) vs The Goddesses(0-2)

ROUND TWO: The Pirates(0 3) vs The Goddesses(0 2)   tag team helpless fighting dominating Welcome to Tag Team Tuesdays. This is round 2 of 4 of the live September match up between The Pirates and The Goddesses. Both teams are fighting for their first win of the season, the competition in the league this year is outstanding. The team that loses will be mathematically eliminated from any playoff hopes. No team wants to be the absolute losers of the entire tag team season.

Dia Zerva looks to be unstoppable tonight. She is dominating the Goddesses at will, fingering both Wenona and Tia on the mat. They are helpless against this powerhouse. The Pirates open up on their lead going into the fourth round, but will it be enough to cement the win?

Ultimate Surrender
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